Becoming Aphrodite

Becoming Aphrodite

When Love and War collide, not even Hades on Earth can stop them.

When an introverted orphan discovers she’s Aphrodite incarnate, the battle to choose her own Fate begins as she’s drawn into the ancient rivalries of Olympian gods.

The last thing ARIANNA DEMOS’ mother told her to do, was run. She did: away from her lifelong dreams, straight to a mysterious prep school in Ithaca, New York. In the vein of Shadowhunters meets the X-Mansion, this ACTION FANTASY SERIAL opens on Arianna’s introduction to the world of Olympian gods and mythical creatures that live and train as the POTENTIALS under the care of ZEUS & HERA at ACROPOLIS ACADEMY. Alone, and torn between the life she wanted and what Fate has planned, Arianna must learn to accept that she is the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite.

She meets brothers XANDER & SETH THANOS, Ares, god of war & Hephaestus, god of fire and forge. Loyalty to each other is the one thing stronger than Xander’s desire to please his father, Zeus, and Seth’s secret wish to avoid his own Fate. But Arianna’s arrival threatens to shake their bond to the core as Arianna and Xander discover that the only way to become their true selves and unleash their powerful potential is to betray Seth–and give in to each other.

Meanwhile: HADES plots to make his hellish home on earth. To do so, he must obtain the essence of the “Sovereign Six”, 6 Olympian gods and goddesses: starting with Arianna. The Potentials must set aside centuries of ancient scars in order to defeat Hades and his league of underworld daemons.

It’s ancient history for a new generation; each episode of the mid-season replacement or streaming provider miniseries based on the countless myths their characters were forged in. Ultimately, it’s about LOVE AND WAR; FATE’S BALANCING ACT.

FAMILY, DUTY, and SELF-ACCEPTANCE. That is the relatable, timeless thread under all the layers of action and fantasy: LOVE, and what we do for it

Written by: Karin Maxey
Repped by: Chelsea Benson & James Engle, Echo Lake Entertainment