In Development


Welcome to the Pacific Northwest’s Playground
There’s no Starbucks, but there are plenty of kidnappings…

When a young boy is kidnapped right out of his family’s motel room in eerily similar circumstances to his own past, disgraced police officer Sam Matthews is forced to face his childhood demons and fight his way back onto the force to make a difference for the community who took him in, while earning back the respect of his childhood friend, Native American psychologist, and reluctant empath, Ivy Locklear who’s returned home searching for her missing step-sister.

Written by: Karin Maxey


Monster Hunter Mike

If something is after you… research.

Armed with wikipedia and classic films, an untrained Chosen One is destined to fight Monsters. The real ones.

Coming to slay streaming video near you soon!

Director: Zac Fudge
Starring: Mike Li
Written by: Karin Maxey, Zac Fudge, Stephanie Gray