In Development

January 1, 2017

Monster Hunter Mike

If something is after you… research.

Armed with wikipedia and classic films, an untrained Chosen One is destined to fight Monsters. The real ones.

Coming to slay streaming video near you soon!

Director: Zac Fudge
Starring: Mike Li
Written by: Karin Maxey, Zac Fudge, Stephanie Gray


The Tiger Project

Love. Truth. Belief.
At the highest stakes

Between the search and the answer lies the journey. One man’s answers lie deep within the Sundarban jungles of Bangladesh where he will discover the wife he lost, and the truth she was looking for.

Plot Summary
In 2007 a Canadian biologist was killed by a man-eating Bengal Tiger. Two years later, her husband journeys deep into the heart and psyche of the Sundarbans jungle of Bangladesh with a group of his journalism students to discover the truth surrounding her death, and that of her beloved Royal Tigers.

Director: Khijir Hayat Khan
Starring: Momona Komagata


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