Something Sparkling This Way Comes: Brooklyn Designs

October 10, 2013

Brooklyn Designs takes over Must-See TV

When I started blogging, one of my bucket-list interviewees was Brooke Mosher. The adorable Vancouverite created Brooklyn Designs ten years ago and has taken the local label to covetable status. Each handcrafted piece reflects its West Coast heritage, and sometimes, the on-screen characters who wear the sparkling designs. And therein you see why I love this brand; the jewellery not only tells its own story, but is part of so many I like: The Vampire Diaries, Hart of Dixie, and The Crazy Ones, among others. How’s that for a teaser?

The What: Sterling silver, 14kt Gold-fill, Swarovski crystal, and semi-precious gemstone jewellery
The How Much: $9 – $245
The Where Can I Get It?!: Online at and in various boutiques across Canada.

Act 1: The Story
It started with a Tumbler. The kind you put rocks in, which is exactly what Brooke Mosher did as a child. By the age of 9, she was already making her own jewelry.

“I love accessories in general and so to be able to make pretty jewels that people can adorn themselves with and connect with; that’s what makes me love what I do, and love jewelry more and more every day.” Mosher says.

She has a particular vision for her brand: handmade with a local focus that reflects her environment and she creates with her client in mind. The working mom, the busy entrepreneur–someone who wants to put a pretty pair of earrings on to go grocery shopping that’ll play just as well in a boardroom. It’s about feeling put together, not about following trends.

But sometimes, Mosher will watch a show or see a certain celebrity and think, “They should be wearing Brooklyn Designs.” That business savvy has landed her jewels on Must-See TV from The Doctors to The Bachelorette and Bones. By understanding her audience–the designers and taste-makers of television–Mosher creates jewelry specifically in the style of the characters that will ultimately wear her pieces. You could say she’s part of the grand scheme of the story itself, each jewel just another touchstone of say, Candice Accola’s fierce yet flirty Caroline on The Vampire Diaries or Sarah Michelle Gellar on the The Crazy Ones. It’s easy to see Caroline in the sparkly edge of the long spike necklace or liken the elegance of the Taina Green Onyx Earrings with SMG’s polished Ad Exec. Style and story are inextricably linked. Loves it!

Act 2: The Inspiration
Fiction aside, the line’s integral aesthetic has a unique story of its own. Drawn from the stones Mosher loves and nature, especially trees, leaf motives can be found throughout the collection whether dangling with accent gems from ear lobes to around the neck with dew-like crystal accents.

“It’s the idea of new beginnings and transformation that trees encompass. They are full of this wisdom and have the power to sprout new life in the form of leaves each year; each with their own shape, texture and colour. I find the whole process beautiful and very inspiring.”

Act 3: The Sparkling Result
Mosher says she couldn’t imagine doing anything else, which is clearly evident with the slightly giddy “Sammy’s going to be wearing my jewelry!” when it’s revealed that Brooklyn Designs will be adorning Days of Our Lives’ Alison Sweeny on The Biggest Loser. “I used to watch Days of Our Lives when I was younger,” she admits.

Agreed; that ‘six degrees of separation’-type factor is pretty cool… I say writing this without an ounce of irony while wearing my ‘Caroline’ necklace. Can’t wait to see which story Brooklyn Designs pops up in next.

X♥, Karin

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