The Other Room: A Short Film

Coming 2018:

The Other Room

She’s not from here.

An inter-dimensional traveler gets caught in airport security, but it’s her interrogating officer who is the surprising victim.

Plot Summary:
An experimental physicist determines whether worlds will implode—or not—when she facilitates an experiment bringing an interdimensional traveler to encounter her alternate reality self on Earth.

Based on an urban legend set in Japan’s Narita airport, this SyFy Short Film was a Screencraft 2015 Winter Short Film Production Fund Semifinalist.

Science Fiction|Drama|Comedy
Written & Directed by: Karin Maxey
Starring: Momona Komagata, Starlise Waschuk, Mike Li, Deborah Finkel
Cinematographer: Zac Fudge
Edited by: Federico Morales