WriterGirl Karin


What the Critics are calling her…

I highly recommend Karin’s services to all screenwriters. She is an incredible editor! I’ve also worked with Karin on several of her scripts. She is a very talented writer. Her formatting is also perfect. This is what made me know that I could recommend her to anyone. I know that everyone I’ve sent her way has come back to me with glowing reviews. If you want to take your scripts to the next level, you should work with Karin!
Jen Grisanti, Story/Career Consultant + NBC Writer’s on the Verge Instructor, jengrisanti.com

Karin’s editing is what got me to where I am today. From kicking my characters in the butt, to pushing me to be better and correcting all of my grammar. She catches everything! I couldn’t do it without her.
-USA Today Bestselling & Award-Winning Author Rebekah R. Ganiere, rebekahganiere.com

Whenever I finish a draft, I know my script isn’t done until Karin gives it a read. Her stellar copyediting skills catch errors I’ve read over countless times. Her story insights are invaluable to ensure that everything is tracking. Without Karin, my work wouldn’t come close to being as professional as it is. She’s reliable, efficient and highly effective, always elevating my work to the next level.
-Writer and VP at Theorem Media, Christopher Lastrapes

Karin is one of those writers who “gets it”. She’s creative and ambitious, but strategic as well. Quite simply, she’s fabulous.
Writer, Performer, Podcaster and TEDx Speaker Mary-Jo Dionne, Mary-Jo Dionne Productions

Karin Maxey came into my life after a glowing recommendation from one of film & TV’s highly regarded private script consultants. She not only suggested the necessary copy editing changes, but how they made sense for the overall structure and emotional flow of the piece. Karin is intuitive, serious, and very inspired in her work. I couldn’t imagine sending anything into the industry without Karin’s eyes on it first.
Michael C. Bryan, Writer and Success Coach MCBHappier

Karin rocks. We contracted her to write the copy for our new website and she delivered professional, quality work on-time, and on-budget. She took the time to understand OUR brand and provided writing that was consistent with the high standards we have for our company.
Craig Pollack, Brand Manager Release The Hounds

Karin is our go-to writer for a large scope of clients and projects. Her ability to establish brand voice and accurate storytelling is phenomenal, not to mention she’s extremely well-organized and concise; very easy to work with. She is an irreplaceable asset to our team!
Justine Maguire, Creativepreneur, Blogger and Designer The Waking Eye