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Editing Services

Script & Book Editing Services

Congrats! You’re literally a superhero: you finished that manuscript, pilot, feature—the THING you had to get on the page. It’s tough, but oh-so-worth-it. Now what? 

The part that I love:

I will read your script from top to bottom looking for spelling, grammar, industry-standard formatting, and clarity issues. My clients have gone on to final in screenplay contests as well as have their work produced!

  • Spelling & Grammar.
    Sometimes, auto-correct doesn’t cut it.
  • Formatting.
    Did you catch that INT. header location was the same place we’re at now, but three scenes ago it had a different name? I did!
  • Clarity.
    Say what?!

Interested in polishing your manuscript before it hits the contest, fellowship, or that manager’s desk? Shoot me an email at: writergirlkarin@gmail.com.